Each year as new admissions of that year make their way into their universities, future applicants start building up anticipation and anxiety for their turns to apply. There are so many study opportunities all across the world, but each country and university have different application dates. Some of these universities have common application systems, but some are individual. Which brings us onto a question that most students cannot answer: when do we start applying? 

The admission application process is a long one, so students should start researching, gathering information and compiling all available documents and give the necessary exams, such as SAT or IELTS, after the end of their second last year in high-school.

Most universities offer different options for the applications, known as admission plans. Each admission plan has its own deadlines, requirements and restrictions. These admission plans usually include: early decision, early action, regular decision and rolling admissions.

For early action or early admissions, most schools require you to submit your applications by mid-November of your senior year, and the universities usually respond back by mid-December. For regular decisions, the deadlines are usually set for early January or February.

Schools usually make a decision about applications within 4 – 6 months of the application deadline, although this can vary from one university or college to another.

The bottom line is, the earlier you apply, the better. Most of the time, it doesn’t really have an advantage to apply early, but for some universities, they do take it into account.

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