Our Story

Acumen is a community based, educational consultancy firm that prioritizes students and their unique potentialities. Our work and values are centered around our motto: Every Student Matters, and we make sure to create an environment that is conducive to every client’s academic and professional growth.

From the

Hi! My name is Aymen. I founded Acumen about two years ago. I graduated from the Lahore School of Economics with a degree in Finance. For my Masters, I went to Queen Mary University of London and graduated with an MSc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

While making my grad school application, I realized a gap in the education counselling industry. Students in Pakistan have a limited understanding of what sort of opportunities they might have for their education abroad. Unfortunately, educational counselors in schools or larger education consultancy firms are unable to cater to each student’s unique personality, goals, and potentialities. Most consultancies in our country push students to only apply to universities they have affiliations with, and do not encourage them to look into programs that are part of their career goals. Having experienced this myself during my grad school applications, I felt that there is a need to make a shift in the way educational counselling is done.

Recognizing the apathy with which students and their applications were treated, I decided to put my Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation to use and created Acumen. With a task as sacred as helping students find a direction to their future, I believe it is principle to put all information on the table to help them make life-changing decisions. That’s what we do at Acumen; we empower students. That’s what makes every day worth looking forward to.

Our Philosophy

Our motto, our values, and our philosophy centers around the idea that educating our youth is the most important way to develop the future of our country, and that our role as a team is to give this youth access to as many opportunities as possible. This is why we make sure to treat each student as undeniably unique, to work alongside them to find a college or university that fits them the best. 

Successful Placements

What our students are saying

For a person like me who's interested to know more about options in life and what to explore, I got a chance to engage directly with the CEO of Acumen and what a heart warming person she is. I took a great 30 mins session on call with her understanding all the procedures for the desired country and she helped me just with knowledge building step by step without any fee. Although for now, I am just making up my mind but she's totally a person to talk to and discuss anything about your studies or settling abroad in detail. 5/5 I would rate this agency. Thankyou Acumen

Mohad Ghani

After being lost and confused for so long, Aymen has finally given me some semblance of a direction and I feel like my dream might not be as unreachable as i made it out to be. She will listen and understand and help to the best of her efforts. Major props! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

Wajeeha Masood