Preparing for life abroad

Students and people that want to immigrate all face one big issue when they get there; they just are not prepared for life outside their country. Noting this gap in the industry, Acumen stepped in to prepare their clients in the following ways: 


Knowing where to live, what kind of place to rent or lease, and how to find it are just some of the many issues people might face. Acumen helps you find the right accommodation at prices that fall within your budget so you can be stress free when you get there.


Learning how to network is a skill everyone should know, but even for those that are great at it, networking in a new country can be difficult. Acumen helps everyone identify the people to network with, and how to get started in your new country of residence.


Lifestyle changes are never easy, so Acumen does a crash course on all the lifestyle changes you might have to make depending on where you go.

Food, community & Culture

Finding your community and a similar culture is always a great way to feel less homesick. However, it is extremely important to be able to manage life abroad even without those two things. Food is one such important aspect of life abroad that a lot of people might not be prepared to deal with, so Acumen will help you prepare for the changes you will see and face.

Financial Guidance

A new currency is never easy, especially if you are on a budget and not making as much money. Money saving tips, making your money stretch longer, and financial planning for your first year is extremely important. This is why Acumen works with all students and potential immigrants to help them prepare for an entirely new financial journey.

What our students are saying

I had an amazing experience at ACUMEN. The dedicated and experienced counselling team helped me with my concerns and provided me with all the possible options according to my interest.

Taha Bin Ijaz

One of the best experiences i've ever had. Not only did the counselor guided me well, but was extremely polite. Overall a great service.

Saad Amjad