In this day and age, being able to say that you’ve gotten a scholarship is like achieving something greater than the Nobel Prize. Not just the fact that it makes university much easier on your or your parents’ wallet, it’s just great to know that your hard work has been rewarded.

Considering how important and respectable getting a scholarship is, it’s not hard to understand why getting one in the first place isn’t easy. There are many things that are required to make you eligible for a scholarship. Academic achievements are the main item to be considered, but there’s still more that builds your student profile.

Among the many things that contribute to your profile for a scholarship, volunteer and community services that you do impact the results a lot. With that, the extracurriculars that you take on during high school increase your chances of getting a scholarship. Universities really appreciate students who are proactive and who add life to the campus. It also goes to show that you’re a well-rounded student who can take on any challenge and activity and carry it out to the best of their abilities. It also represents the things that you care about; giving back to the community and things that interest you and highlight your skills and talents.

If you’re someone who enjoys sports and playing them, you could be eligible for a sports scholarship. When you have great athletic ability, and are able to play competitively on a regional or national level, universities will offer a sports scholarship for you to come and study with them and play on their university teams.

Another important factor for your contribution, is the scholarship essays that some universities ask for when students apply for a scholarship. This essay has to really explain why you, out of other candidates, deserve this scholarship and what you’ve done to earn it. Along with this, the letters of recommendations written by your teachers explaining the kind of student you are and why you should be given a scholarship, impacts massively on the final decision.

The most important thing when applying for scholarships is keeping track of the deadlines set by the universities for applications and scholarship applications. You want to show that you respect time and utilize every second very efficiently, and that you are responsible enough to be able to meet deadlines.

The requirements for scholarships can vary from university to university. You need to research what these requirements are for every specific university and that you can meet them and be able to give the universities what they need.