Many among us start planning out our future goals and aspirations when we’re still young. The constant questioning by teachers and family (What do you want to be when you’re older?) probably doesn’t help either. At that age, we want to do something that seems dreamy, or something that can earn us a lot of money. When we grow older, we become more realistic and need to understand better how our potential job goals could benefit us, if it’s in demand and required, or if the industry is stable and consistent.

While it is difficult to assess what the labor market will look like in the future, we can look at trends to understand what could potentially be required by then. Some jobs are very obvious in their demand now but also in the future, while others are slowly becoming more and more needed as the world progresses towards an era of innovation and technology. We’ve listed some careers that could possibly be in high demand all over the world down below:

  • Medical Professionals and Registered Nurses

The one thing that we can be sure of is that the profession of dealing with medicine and healing has been around for years and will stay for years to come. People will always need medical attention and thus there will always be a requirement for nurses, doctors and medical professionals.

  • Web developer

As industries and companies join the new campaign of going digital, websites have proved to be the main source of information for any business. Web developers are now needed more than ever to ensure that a business has its own site and that it is maintained and is functional/

  • Operations research analysts

Each new day brings a new problem. There’s a wide range of decisions to be made and solutions for a single problem, and an operations research analyst is an organization’s go-to for handling these., by using advanced mathematical and analytical methods to ensure the best possible outcome in each scenario.

  • IT analysts

With the new trend of digitized data, computer systems are becoming a more and more common method of storing and analyzing data. To ensure that the systems are working flawlessly, an IT analyst is required who would create and examine the functional specifications of the required systems for a company.

  • Software developer

In the 21st century, we now have software and programs that can do anything we want them to. Be it simple math, or advanced data analysis, computers have now taken over. Software developers are the masterminds behind designing and creating software systems required by different industries or different tasks.

  • Industrial Engineer

Efficiency has become one of the main concerns of all industries today. How can we eliminate all the unnecessary factors to ensure the highest level of productivity and useful output? Industrial engineers work to provide answers so as to combat the issue and are now in high demand, by industries all over the world.

  • Data Scientist

With all the research being done, and with different statistics and data being collected from different regions and aspects of the world, it’s difficult to correlate all the information received and analyze it. A data scientist takes over this responsibility and ensures that they utilize it to uncover solutions to different business challenges and problems.

  • Marketing Manager

All industries and businesses require promotion of the products or services that they’re trying to sell. To do this, they need a professional who can attract consumers and build brand awareness by different marketing schemes. Marketing managers are necessary to ensure that this task is carried out to its full potential to get the best outcome and response.

  • Civil Engineer

Globalization has led to urbanization; creation of new cities and infrastructure and designing these is a hectic job. Ensuring that the construction of infrastructure is efficient and carried out without a hitch is a job that civil engineers take on. Civil engineers could be called the backbone for urbanization and development of any state and country.

  • Cybersecurity Expert

People often say that the internet is a scary place, but it’s actually awing to see the extent of the horror. Cybercrime has risen in the past few years, and many businesses and governments have been prone to hacking, malware and ransomware. Cybersecurity experts’ police the internet and information systems to defend and protect fragile databases from any threats and vulnerabilities, and are now highly demanded everywhere.

  • Mental Health Professional (This includes psychologists, therapists, counselors, and social workers)

As the stigma surrounding mental health slowly dissipates, professionals who specialize in this field are now more looked for. People are now understanding the need to speak to and getting help from professionals who can deal with different types of trauma and give effective therapy. Psychologists, therapists, counselors and social workers are now a common job option and one that is highly needed in today’s day and time.

  • Artificial Intelligence Experts

AI is the future. We’re discovering the true potential of technology and using it to analyze and predict the future and we’ve advanced it enough to create a program that almost replicates the complex human mind. There’s still more research and work to be done within this field, which is why AI experts, who can help develop algorithms and reasoning systems, are becoming more and more essential.