Take the SAT and/or ACT:

If you feel like you can improve on your initial SAT and/or ACT results, take the tests for the second (or, at most, third) time in the fall of your senior year.

Revise College Application Essays:

Ask your counselor to proofread your application essays and then make any revisions and prepare final drafts before college applications are due.

Ask for Letter of Recommendation:

At least a month prior to the deadline, provide your recommenders with bullet points listing how you excelled academically in their classes and add them to your CommonApp profile as recommenders.

Gather all Application Material:

Make sure you or your guidance counselor have the necessary materials for college admissions, including forms, test scores, essays, recommendations, and transcripts.

Submit Early Decision Application, if Desired:

Early decision applications, usually due in November, require a binding commitment in exchange for early acceptance.

Ensure Official SAT and/or ACT Score Reports are Sent:

Your early decision application will require you to go to the college Board (SAT) and ACT Student (ACT) websites to send colleges your official test score reports.