Time is infinite, and yet it passes by so fast, seems to move by faster than anything else we could’ve imagined. It’s difficult to break down each and every moment and understand how and what we spent our time doing. You enter high school, and the next thing you know, you’re already walking across the stage, holding your diploma in hand.

High school is an experience. You learn, not just academics, but life skills and more that help you out later. You learn failure, success, highs and lows. You make friends and then lose some. You grow, make mistakes and learn. The time you spend in high school is crucial to how the rest of your future would go. How can you ensure that you come out of high school, with the most knowledge and experience, with the best achievements to ensure that you won’t run into possible issues later?

It could be said that time is an investment, and as with any investment, understanding each and every aspect of how, what, where we put in our time is important to ensure that we’re utilizing the full potential of our days. How can we invest our time so that future-us doesn’t look back and regret what we’ve done?

The most important thing in high-school that you should invest your time in is an obvious one. Your education and academics. It’s a no-brainer why this should be the most essential. High-school sets the base for what you learn in the future. Learning the basics pushes you to the advanced. Furthermore, the grades or GPA that you get in high-school is very important for the universities you can get into. If you want to study in one of the more advanced, high-achieving schools (like Ivy League, Oxbridge, etc.), you’d need the best possible grades you can achieve.

Invest time into different extracurriculars. Join some sort of club, take part in competitions, become a part of the student council, play a sport. Extracurriculars help a lot with growth, and hope you can mature as a person. You can learn how to be more confident and outspoken, and learn more about yourself, your likes and dislikes. You can also learn how to network, make friends, and learn new talents and hobbies.

Invest time into your family and friends. High-school is stressful, but you can’t forget to take some time out of your day to take care of those relationships, because it’s those people who will stand by you when you’re at your worst. Remember birthdays, go on outings, visit them often, and so and so are enough to make someone feel special and be happy with your being.

Invest time into growing. This is the time for you to learn how to navigate different situations, what to do or say at crucial times, and how to react to different scenarios. It’s now that you learn how to organize yourself and your days, how to balance everything, how to be put together and live a healthy lifestyle. Invest time into understanding what you can do to maintain healthy mental health, what you can do to ensure you’re in a good state of mind most of the time.

Invest your time in making memories and living out the student life. High-school years make up some of your best memories. Live in the moment. Enjoy every second. Make it all count at the end.

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