If you are stressed about how to prepare for IELTS exams, here are a few tips you can follow to ace your exam.

Test yourself with practice questions:

Do timed practice questions online and allow yourself to understand the questions and text. Try solving the IELTS authentic practice tests, there are model answers and examiner comments to help you analyze your work.

Record yourself doing an IELTS Speaking Test:

Ask for a friend to practice with you, either at home or online, take turns being the examiner and the candidate. Listen back and evaluate your own performance. You could also try to note down everything you said, like a transcript, this will help you to identify any mistakes that you made.

Test out computer delivered IELTS:

Even if you have no intention of taking a computer-delivered IELTS test, there are some really helpful practice materials available on the internet. The test is the same whether you take it on a computer or on paper so these activities will be useful to you.