When you’re applying to a university abroad, it’s difficult to assess what the environment and campus life is like. So, you have to sit at home and figure out if this university is meant for you, and if it’s accepting of people of diverse backgrounds such as you. But how exactly can you understand the culture of an institution when you’ve never visited it before and can’t visit it now?

Social media platforms have managed to connect the world in ways that were probably deemed impossible. You can find different content on different platforms related to the university you’re interested in. A quick search on YouTube will show many vlogs and videos about student life, classes, education and more that’s offered by different colleges. You could always go on Reddit or Quora and look up blogs regarding what people think of the university, and what other’s experiences have been.

Some universities also offer live tours or videos of their campus and the student life there, and most of the time these tours are by fellow students so it’s more comfortable and honest than you’d expect. Utilising any of these choices will provide you with a clearer perspective of the university and if it’s meant for you.