One of the most commonly asked questions that we get is about ielts preparation. While resources are readily available for the ielts exam prep material, yet students find it hard to prepare for the exam. Either the material is too outdated, or it is confusing for the students to find a starting point without getting lost in an overwhelming amount of preparation material. 

So we see numerous resources both online and in hard copy form to prepare for the Ielts exam, yet we see most of us not scoring the desired score in the Ielts exam. Keeping in mind all the problems that students face while preparing for the exam and what material is not available, we have designed our own preparation material for the Ielts exam that is exclusively available to students who prepare for the Ielts with us. 

We at Acumen understand these problems that students face and hence our IELTS sessions are specifically designed to cater to: 

  1. Realising your weak points & how to address them
  2. Understanding the test to your advantage
  3. Improving your grammar skills
  4. Preparation for each section
  5. Tips & Tricks to make the test easier for yourself
  6. Time management 
  7. Avoiding commonly made mistakes

What’s inside our course pack?

  • In-depth Description of the Test format
  • Strategies & Tips to achieve your desired score
  • Grammar worksheets
  • Practice Tests for Reading & Writing
  • Speaking Test dissected and how to ace at it

Our course packs have been specifically designed after keeping in mind the requirements for IELTS.