1. Review your application:

Check your application packets. Most colleges want the same things when it comes to an application: Application Form, Essay, Letter Of Recommendation, Transcripts, Application Fee, and Review State Residency Requirement Form (if necessary).

2. Fill residency requirements:

If you are applying to a college with residency requirements, you’ll need to confirm that your state residency requirement is filled out correctly and accurately. If this portion of your application is not completed or is inaccurate, you could be deemed ineligible for in-state tuition rates and ACT/SAT scores. 

3. Check for inconsistencies:

There are a lot of tiny details that you’ll be glossing over as you fill out college applications, and many of them may not seem very important on their own. You need to double-check all the details of your application to be certain that everything is accurate before you submit it.

4. Review your essays:

Review Your Essay(s) and ask your counselor to help. It’s extremely important to make sure that they are squeaky clean. Review your essays meticulously and read them aloud to be sure there aren’t any typos or careless errors.