More and more students are finding themselves migrating from their home countries to various parts of the world in search of quality education and work opportunities. The Asian community is taking the world head first to prove the extremes of our intellect and capabilities. However, a big part of moving away from home is being able to find someplace that is accepting and open to being diverse, in an age where racism should be eradicated but really has just become more internalized. 

Many countries have made an effort to be more diverse to international students and go as far to offer them a wide range of facilities that they may need. These include scholarships at some of the best universities in the world, funding from local sponsors, funding from the government, and sometimes even special work opportunity offers. 

There are many countries who have strived to diversify their community, which in turn gives them benefits such as better international relations, and more economic growth too. Some of these countries are listed below: 

  • USA: The United States is internationally acclaimed for having such a high quality of education which could be said to be unmatched. With the prestigious and elite Ivy League Universities, and many others that promise academic excellence and more important, financial aid and scholarships to a wide variety of students who can, in turn, better the university with their work and other skills. 
  • UK: The United Kingdom is known for providing the perfect environment and atmosphere needed for education and work. In return, for the high prices one needs to pay for the universities here, they offer back education so superior and exceptional, along with never-ending prestige and history. The Oxbridge duo, King’s College, UCL, and more are among the highest ranked universities across the world, and with good reason too. While they don’t exactly offer scholarships, the UK is very inviting to foreign talent whenever possible. 
  • China: China may very well be at the forefront of global development and progress across all industries. It’s not uncommon to understand the sheer brilliance and intellect that China and its universities are able to engineer, with the full support of the government and all its citizens, and how they’re able to be the first in achieving everything and anything long deemed “impossible”. The quality of education, research and discipline is probably the reason why China is at the top of its game. As an Asian country itself, China is very welcoming to international students, especially other Asian communities, with its C9 League and other universities offering the best to the best. The government often develops schemes to invite international students by offering funding for those students who do venture their grounds. 
  • Canada: When one thinks of a country that has proved it’s love for international students, and one that has proof of their quality education and the various types of scholarships that they can offer, they think of Canada. It’s no secret that Canada is one of the best countries for international students, especially of the Asian community, where they don’t have to worry about racial discrimination or other such prejudices. Canadian universities are well-known across the globe for their diversity and the talent that they’re able to produce, which makes them a must on all students’ college checklist. 
  • Japan: Not just known for its rich cultural legacy, Japan is also famous for it’s high standard education. Japan is one of the most popular destinations for international students because of the internationally commended quality of education, and for being much better for the wallet as compared to the US and UK. The Imperial Universities are the most prestigious universities of all time, and are open to accepting international students who can bring the grit and work needed to study here. 
  • Australia: Australia may be well known for its kangaroos, huge spiders and other such absurd animals, but it is also very well-known for producing some of the best in every field. The training that is delivered to students here is unmatched, which makes it even more worth it going halfway across the world, far away from home. Australia has always been accepting of international students and nurtures them as if they were its own. 
  • France: France may be viewed as a posh country, with eyes only on the most elite, however in terms of education, it is one of the courtiers that offer remarkably low tuition fees even for international students. We all know the French do it best, and they’ve maintained that reputation even for their quality of education. France offers an excellent environment for international students, and often leaves behind a lasting impact. 
  • Germany: Germany is a student favorite and one of the most sought-out countries due to the well-known fact of free tuition in exchange for learning their language. Germany has seen various racial backgrounds step foot on its ground as more and more students venture to discover all that German universities have to offer, along with it’s remarkable education standards. 
  • Italy: Italy is another country in Europe that offers quality education to all at a reasonable cost. Italy may be famous for its food, but it is also renowned for offering various scholarship programs to international students to reduce financial strains. 
  • UAE: The UAE has constantly made efforts to be within the first choices for students who want to go abroad for education. With internationally-acclaimed universities opening a campus within UAE, it has seen an onslaught of international students in the past few years. Students are able to enjoy the culture, student life and environment along with their studies in the UAE. 
  • Turkey: Turkey is a perfect blend. It’s a country that is close to the East and the West, and has both Oriental and European influences. It has a rich culture and history, along with a great academic reputation that’s only been growing. Turkey is a country that has kept its arms open for all types of international students, offering scholarships to students to study at some of its most prestigious universities, all at a payable price. 
  • Hungary: Hungary is another country that offers a diversity that cannot be found elsewhere. It’s high quality of life and low costs only adds to its charm. The Hungarian government has even offered scholarships specifically designed for foreign students, including the Stipendium Humgaricum, a scholarship that fully funds all types of degrees for international students.