STEM careers are so overrated. It seems that they focus more and more on one’s academic ability but not much on the actual talents and skills that make up a person. Who wants to become a doctor or engineer anyways? When there’s an entire world out there that prioritizes the ability to create and appreciate beautiful and emotional artworks?

If you’re among the lucky people who have been blessed with some sort of artistic ability, and are extremely talented with a pencil or pen or charcoal, it can be hard to figure out what you can do that can be made into a career. To help you out and, in some ways, appreciate your unmatched talents, we’ve compiled a list of potential careers within the field of arts that you can pursue:

  • Professional artist: They train extensively within their choice of arts and use their skills to express a meaning or feelings within their art and what they do. Within this job, you can truly think outside the box and get to create things you love, with meanings behind them that only the brightest of minds can decipher.
  • Illustrator: They create 2D images (illustrations) for various companies and industries, based on the employer’s ideas and needs. You get to put life into someone’s thoughts and make their imagination come to life.
  • Animator: They produce images called frames, which when lined up together, create an illusion of motion. You get to create the cartoons that kids of the new generation will grow up watching and loving.
  • Graphic Designer: They use computer software to create visual concepts to attract consumers. You would create some of the best aspects in the advertisements that people see on TV or on neon signs and truly bring life to art.
  • Art Teacher: They educate students in all aspects of art as well as the practical skills of creative expression. What better way to express your love for art than by teaching others to love it too?
  • Fashion Designer: They sketch and create original designs of clothing, footwear and accessories. You would create and set trends that people would see all over their Insta feed and on the lit-up stages of Fashion and Couture weeks!
  • Motion Graphics Designer: They create and edit imagery in a live action shot, which might also contain animation and special effects. You would manage to combine real-life as we know it, with the animated realm that we grew up watching and loving!

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