Federal Aid by the US Govt.

Most foreign citizens are not eligible for federal student aid from the U.S. Department of Education.

The only special circumstances to receive federal aid by the US Govt. is if you are a overseas US resident. More details on eligibility are available on the Common App website.

Need-based Funding & Grants from Colleges

Your college will mainly offer financial aid if you are a foreign student. You may apply for college specific financial aid using the College Board’s CSS Profile application or other college forms.

Financial funding applications must be completed while you are applying for the colleges. Colleges will not accept any funding requests made after the college application has been processed. Different colleges have different deadlines for their financial funding applications.

CSS Profile Application

The CSS Profile is an online application used by colleges and scholarship programs to award non-federal

institutional aid. Check your colleges’ information to determine whether they require the CSS Profile. A list of participating school is available online. Some schools may also require divorced or separated parents to complete separate applications.

Take Help from a Guidance Counsellor

The best way to ensure you receive the right amount of financial aid to cover college costs is to hire a guidance counsellor.