Students often wonder what exactly AP classes are in an American high school system. Read along as we explain the AP classes in detail.

  • AP (Advanced Placement) is a program of classes to give high school students an introduction to college-level classes and gain college credit.
  • A-Levels are relatively intensive courses taken over a two-year period, a typical student will do three, and a bright student might do four. 
  • A Level essentially from the standard core examination that students take in their final two years that determine their entry into the university. 
  • Advanced Placement exams, or APS, are optional exams that American High school students can take and administered through the college board. 
  • AP classes are one-off exams and generally slot in and around the right school curriculum. Many students will take none at all; some bright students may take as many as 10 or more.
  • Although APs can help us students get into university, they are not mandatory in high school for university admissions.