When applying for universities, the most asked about document would be your Personal Statement. A very intimidating task to take on, but writing your personal essay is considerably one of the more important steps of applying to university.

So, what is a personal statement? It’s an essay required by many application systems and universities in which they want you to talk about who you are, why you’re applying for your programs, etc. This essay should include your strengths, qualities and skills that you’ve cultivated over your life and how they’ve prepared you for attending college.

The essay should highlight why you’re an ideal candidate for their program. You should mention why you’re interested in the course you’ve applied for. Talk about your enthusiasm and passion for the course you’re applying for. Try to write the essay in a story-telling manner so it’s interesting to read. If you have a certain background, identity, talent or interest that you think you should mention because it helps to explain why you want to apply or why you want to study in a specific program, then share your story.

Think about your audience, who’s reading the essay. How can you make them enjoy your essay, what could you say to capture their interest from the get-go? How will you make it that much more fascinating? 

Another thing you could do in your essay is talk about a defining moment in your life; an obstacle you faced that was important to your success later. Talk about a problem or an issue you’ve resolved or you want to resolve and why it’s important to you personally. Talk about an accomplishment that led to a period of personal growth and development and what you learned or understood from that experience.

Try to avoid cliché sentences, and obvious opening sentences so that your essay can stand out from the first line. Try reading sample essayto understand what and how to write a statement piece.  You need to make your personal statement unique so that it stands out from among the many essays that have been sent in.

If you’re confused on how to start your writing process, here’s a simple step-by-step for you:

  1. Read sample personal essays
  2. Brainstorm: defining moments, inspirations, strengths, weaknesses
  3. Draft your first essay
  4. Edit
  5. Ask someone to proofread
  6. Edit again
  7. Finalize and send it in

If you need help with your personal statements or with any part of your application process, feel free to reach out to us via our social media, where our staff will ensure that your case is handled with the best care possible and ensure that your confusions and questions are all extensively solved.

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