Are you an international student who has recently moved abroad and is missing your family and friends back home?
Take a deep breath and swipe because here are 7 tips to cope with homesickness.

  • Walking:

Strolls in parks refresh thoughts and help appreciate the current moment. Walking helps in observation of other individuals and motivates one to study or work with more eagerness.

  • Act as a tourist:

Believe you are a Tourist and research about the city. Visit its famous landmarks, historical landmarks, museums and amusement parks. Indulge in and learn about the culture and cuisine of the new place.

  • Exploring:

Explore your university or workplace. Join clubs, workshops and take part in group activities.

  • Join International Community Councils:

Find people who are from your own home country by joining international community councils. They can guide you better and help you adjust in your new surroundings.

  • Student advisor/work counselors:

Get therapy and counseling if you need to feel less lonely. Student Advisors and Work Counselors are trained professionals and can help you adjust.

  • Social Interaction:

Try to Interact with everyone and anyone, enjoy talking to people.

  • Make a timetable:

Timetables are the best way to stay distracted, you can work harder and enjoy more while following a daily schedule that shall leave no time to be homesick.