Training & Workshops

At Acumen, we believe that our job is not done just by helping students apply. We believe in creating a space in which students can learn, grow, and create networks and connections that can help them in their academic and professional future. For that very reason, Acumen has started a series of monthly workshops and trainings to encourage intellectual discourse, learning, and general network building for students and young professionals of all age groups and backgrounds.

Workshops that we do

CV Writing

A workshop focusing on the outline of a resume, playing to your key strengths, using keywords, effective use of language, colours and themes, and differences for students and professionals.

Personal Statements and SOP Writing

A workshop on outline of an SOP, brain mapping, use of language, story telling, and specificity of a Personal Statement based on program, university, and faculty research etc. Special emphasis on SOPs for undergraduates, graduates, and postgrad students.

Interview demos and techniques

A workshop on preparing for an interview with a university for different levels of study, and for scholarship interviews. Covering basic information such as answering questions, flow of conversation, body language, eye contact, and dealing with tricky questions in an unfamiliar setting.


An information session to talk about different routes of immigration and PR, how your score is calculated in the expedited process, what sort of things can help you get better points, how to start the journey, and what obstacles you might face, including cost.

Stress Management

A workshop on managing stressful situations, mindfulness, and the importance of remembering your goals even in tough situations.

Work and Time Management

A workshop on how to manage time and deadlines, how to set goals, taking breaks, and prioritising tasks. Short lecture followed by time management activities conducted to help students practice time management skills within a controlled setting.

Financial budgeting/planning

An information session and workshop on how budgeting skills can come in handy while abroad, what to know if you are moving, and how to best acclimate.

What our students are saying

One of the best I met with Aymen Latif (CEO of ACUMEN) yesterday. She is really polite and guides you in best possible ways. It was a great experience for me. She not only listens to every problem but gives you proper direction you require and tells you about all possible options. I would really recommend ACUMEN to everyoneconsultants I've ever been to. Guided me properly and gave a clear direction on what I should do to have a better and secure future. Thankyou Acumen for showing me the right path.

Sardar Fraz Khetran

One of the best counselors out there! You walk in with a confused head and come out with a clear mind knowing you're in safe and trustworthy hands.  If anyone wants guidance and counseling, Acumen is the place to go!

Subhan Boor