Who are we?

We are a counselling company and we’re here to help you plan your life for better.


If you’re someone, who is:

  • confused about their academic &/or career prospects
  • unaware & ‘d like to explore more academic/career/settlement opportunities worldwide 

We would love to sit down with you and help you plan out your entire roadmap for the future. Together with your input & our expertise, we will help you set your short & long term goals, build a roadmap with a timeline so you don’t end up wasting anymore time.

Our Services:

  • Academic & Career Counselling
  • College/University research and applications
  • Scholarship assistance & applications
  • Immigration applications
  • Visa guidance & Application

You can book an appointment for an initial consultation where we shall walk you through the entire procedure and discuss all your concerns, goals & restraints to come up with a plan accordingly.

Consultation with Aymen


1. In person: 15 CCA 2nd Floor DHA Phase 8, Ex-Park View, Lahore Pakistan
2. Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation via Google Meet

Charges: PKR 7500 (Inclusive of tax.)
Duration: 30 minutes

Her areas of expertise include University & Program Research, Funding opportunities, helping to make exceptional university, and scholarship applications, Study visa, Work visa and Visit visa applications, pre-departure preparation for students including accommodation, ticketing and post-arrival services, settlement prospects, Immigration through FSW Express Entry program.

This booking is for a consultation for a period of 30 minutes and will be as per the conditions set out in the initial consultation agreement as listed on our website.

Note: There are over thousands of universities internationally and various Canadian immigration programs. It is practically not possible for the consultant to be familiar and updated with all the requirements, criteria, changes, and updates at all times. If need be, the consultant may at her discretion email you with follow-up details as discussed during the consultation.

Missed appointments cannot be rescheduled or refunded.

We may review/assess profiles for possible options during the call. However we cannot review or assess documents during the discussion call as that takes time and reference resources. You may avail of our specific services for the same.

Pakistani Students

1. In person: 15 CCA 2nd Floor DHA Phase 8, Ex-Park View, Lahore Pakistan
2. Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation via Google Meet

Duration: 30 minutes

  • Pakistan    PKR 7500/-

International Students

Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation via Google Meet

Duration: 30 minutes

  • UAE:                          AED 100/-
  • Saudi Arabia:           SAR 100/-
  • Other Countries:     USD 40​/-

Payment Details: 

Please transfer the consultation charges in the following the Bank Account and submit the receipt. Our team will confirm your payment and will book  the next available slot for you. 


For Pakistani Students


Bank Account Details: 

Meezan Bank
Account number 11410105576512

IBAN PK66 MEZN 0011 4101 0557 6512


For International Students


Bank Account Details:

(Dubai, UAE)

Usama Latif

Emirates Islamic Bank P.J.S.C

Account Number: 3708214012001

IBAN AE86 0340 0037 0821 4012 001


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Important Information


This Initial Consultation Agreement is made between the company “Acumen” and the client.

The client agrees to pay the fees indicated in the booking tool below for the selected online consultation services.

The purpose of the consultation is to provide the consultant with sufficient information to allow for a full analysis and comprehensive advice on university admission and program options, including estimated time frames, funding opportunities, application fees, overall costs and settlement opportunities.

Client responsibility: Client must provide the consultant/company with such factual information and documentation as are required to perform the consultation. Client must be accurate and honest and must inform of all information, even if negative or adverse, which might be relevant to the advice provided by consultant in this matter. Failure to fully disclose all relevant information will impact the advice given and may void this Agreement, or seriously affect the outcome of further processes of Client or the retention of any status that Client may obtain.

Advice current on date of consultation: The advice provided by the consultant to Client is based on the information available on the date of the consultation where relevant. The consultant is not responsible or accountable for any change in government legislation or policy that may impact the processing of any subsequent application by Client.

No guarantee on outcome: The consultant shall provide competent consulting services to Client but does not guarantee that she will be able to assist Client in meeting his or her business, education, employment or immigration goals.

Confidentiality: Acumen is required to preserve the confidences and secrets of Client. This professional obligation exists to encourage candid and complete communications between Client and the consultant. All information and documentation provided by Client and reviewed by the consultant will not be divulged to any third party, other than the company’s agents and employees, without prior consent, except as demanded by law.

By paying the fee in the booking tool above the client agrees that he/she has read this initial consultation agreement and its clause and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in it.


What other students are saying about us

M. Ali Shamim

One of the best consultants I've ever been to. Guided me properly and gave a clear direction on what I should do to have a better and secure future. Thankyou Acumen for showing me the right path.


I have been following Acumen for the past couple of months. literally going through their insta stories, Q & A and after receiving answers to my queries, immediately booked a consultation with them and it was worth it and now I am on way to register for full application process with them. Highly recommended to my fellow brothers who are looking for someone professional and experienced to guide them through the process.

Anum Imran

Going to Acumen has been a great experience and it’s certainly the best as they are extremely professional. The CEO Aymen was very considerate as she guided me genuinely about the whole process of applying abroad for masters. Anyone who’s interested in applying abroad for their studies should definitely visit Acumen. Highly recommended!​