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Batch 10 Starting from March, 6th, 2021

Registration Deadline: March 4th, 2021


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Initial assessments

  • Initial assessments for each section to identify each student’s weak points
  • Identifying crucial areas where the most attention is required

Individual Focus

  • Limited strength for each batch allows us to focus on every student better
  • Special attention on each student’s weak points
  • Devising custom plans according to each student’s abilities

Dedicated Classes

  • Dedicated class for each section allows us to cover every aspect thoroughly
  • Each student’s issues are addressed properly
  • Detailed discussions for every section allow all students to learn from each others’ problems

Lots of Practice

  • Ample amount of practice material is provided to students.
  • Constant monitoring of practice tests allows us to track progress better
  • Students are able to apply what they learn in the lectures and therefore improve