Asking yourself the right questions before considering applying to an international university is an important part and sets the ground into the right direction for you. It helps clear your mind and moves you in the right direction to make the best decision about your future and career.

  • Am I able to afford the total cost?

Many students mistake the tuition cost as the only important cost, however the application costs, medical exam cost, English language test, living, traveling and necessity shopping costs make up most of the costs that will be incurred. Therefore the affordability should be properly researched upon.

  • What will be the benefit of the specific degree I am going to apply into?

Demand of the specific degree and Career opportunities back at home and in other countries should be researched about.

  • Am I fulfilling the admission requirements?

Each program has its own requirements, they need to be properly checked to know which of the requirements a student is able to fulfill. Some programs require extra admission tests and some require job experiences.

  • Am I excited and happy?

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself. You should be excited about getting a once in a lifetime opportunity and be ready to start your new venture full of hope for a brighter future.