We asked our University Application Experts about the most common mistakes to avoid when considering applying to an international degree.

1. Considering only the tuition fees when budgeting for your degree:

When you’re considering how much money you would need for international experience, it’s easy to go and search for the cheapest tuition fee, thinking this is the way to go and save money, but that’s not always the case. 

2. Thinking your program tuition is less than it actually is:

Tuition fees have to be researched and you should understand how they work. There are additional costs that you might have to consider including library, lab, meals, books, and living. 

3. Ignoring potential scholarships:

A lot of students don’t even try to apply for a scholarship, thinking they won’t meet the requirements, but that’s not always the case. So research, research, research!

4. Not checking if you can work while studying in the country:

While we’re discussing documents and funding options, let’s mention that if you want to work during your studies, you will only be allowed to work part-time as a student.