There’s something about the UK that is so attractive to students and businesses. Maybe it’s the old, gothic universities with their dark academia aesthetics, or the general seriousness in the atmosphere that lures people in. The UK is internationally acclaimed for its education and academic programs. Who doesn’t dream of making into and studying from Oxford or Cambridge? While the Oxbridge duo is a prestigious and honorable opportunity, the UK holds many, many more universities that are much easier to get into, and are as respected.

Figuring out where you want to go after your Bachelor’s, and what you want to do next is confusing. Which makes the UK an even greater option, with the various features it has for students. Here’s 10 reasons why the UK would be perfect for your Master’s!

1.   Quality Assurance

The UK is well known for its quality of education, learning and teaching. You get your money’s worth while studying here, because the superiority of education here is unmatched. Universities in the UK are inspected regularly by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education to ensure that they maintain the high standards that have been set.

2.   International students are welcomed

The UK has a history of accepting and welcoming international students that come to study here and give them many opportunities to prove themselves and allow them to meet some of the best in their chosen fields of study.

3.   Wide Variety of courses

Universities in the UK offer a very diverse range of programs that you could study, not just limited to the basics of medicine, engineering, arts and business. The specificity offered here ensures that there’s something for everyone.

4.   Shorter courses

Many universities here offer very short programs, such as only 1-year programs for Master’s, which means you get to graduate earlier, which has many benefits on its own.

5.   Cost-efficient

Because many programs are shorter than their equivalents across the globe, it ensures that you save up on tuition fees and living costs, as you’d probably pay for 1-2 years at most.

6.   Cultural diversity

The UK is home to not just the posh British, but many different racial, social and religious backgrounds too. You can find almost every nationality, religion and society here, making it a very diverse colony.

7.   Work while you study

International students who are studying a full-time undergrad or postgrad course are allowed to work part-time during their term and full-time during the holidays, so are able to make some money on the side to fund themselves.

8.   High rate of employability

Universities in the UK end up teaching their students the vital skill sets required for any job and groom their students so that their resumes are very attractive to potential employers, making their graduates among the most employed.

9.   Internationally recognized degree

UK education is recognized by employers, universities and governments worldwide due to the high prestige academic standards, and ensures that you stand out from among all others at every level of your career and life.

10. Improve language skills

In today’s world, speaking English has become a vital life skill. All interactions and communications take place in this language, and studying at the core of this language helps you improve your language skills to the point of fluency, enhancing your employment prospects.